Juleez - Blue Ocean
Juleez - Blue Ocean

Juleez - Blue Ocean

keyboard illusions

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A master of color and design, artist Julie Borden collaborated with MarcoSolo productions to bring her signature style to our product line. For over a decade, Julie's work has focused on hand painted musical instruments using colorful themes and her well known curvy piano keyboards. To date, Julie has painted more than one thousand commissioned works of art.  Check out Julie's stunning work on her official website www.Juleez.com

These keyboard illusions fit standard full size keys and are available for 49, 61, 76 and 88 key instruments.  Using our award winning material, each individual decal can be lifted back up and re positioned for an easy installation. The typical installation for an 88 key instrument will take approximately 45 minutes.

Only available in Matte finish.

Due to variations in computer monitors, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the colors presented on-screen with the colors of the actual product.

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