Frequently Asked Questions

Are you selling the entire wooden neck?

No we are not.  What we are selling are non-permanent, removable fingerboard decals that easily install onto your existing instruments neck. Our neck illusions fingerboard decals are also designed to help protect your instruments fingerboard from the natural acidity of your hands and fingers, which can cause this type of unwanted finger tip wear. See this

What are they made with?

Our fingerboard protectors are printed on a proprietary material that is constructed of the highest of quality material. They are designed to hold up to your most demanding licks and are guaranteed to not wrinkle, stretch or move out of place!  These are NOT to be confused with cheap paper "stickers"!  Extremely durable, our product has been rated for outdoor use using waterproof inks. Acoustically transparent, our neck illusions will not effect the tone or sustain of the instrument.

Will they get in the way of my playing?

Because they measure only 0.005 (Matte)  -  0.007 (gloss) in thickness they are virtually unnoticeable to the players fingertips. However, players have reported that they enjoy the smooth and faster feel of our product over a fingerboard that has "rough" textured wood grain.

Will they affect the tone or sustain of my instrument?

Absolutely not!  When designing our product, one of the most important factors was that it would not interfere with the tone and sustain of the instrument.  Because our material is acoustically transparent it will not effect the tone or sustain of the instrument.  Our patent pending product has been recording studio tested and approved!

Are they easy to install?

Yes!  In fact, installing the neck illusions fingerboard protector is so easy you don't even have to remove your guitar strings completely.  The whole installation process should take under 15 minutes.

Does the fingerboard protector cover my frets?

Not at all. Our fingerboard protector is made up of multiple pieces. Each piece (decal) is designed to fit between the frets.

What if I put the decal on in the wrong way?

Don't worry!  Our neck illusions removable fingerboard graphics use a low tack temporary adherent that is very easy to remove and re position.

Can the low tack temporary adherent damage my fingerboard?

No.  A lot of testing went into our product. it has a  low tack temporary adherent, but yet strong enough to hold in place, that would not damage an instruments fingerboard.  In fact, we are so confident in the safeness of our product that we use a $12,000 PRS Private Stock as a test guitar.  See this and this

Do I still need to condition my fingerboard?

Yes. Maintaining the correct hydration is essential for the health of your fingerboard.  We strongly suggest removing the neck illusions fingerboard graphic protector a minimum of once every 12 months and then do a proper conditioning treatment to your fingerboard according to the manufactures instructions.  After this is completed, the neck illusions fingerboard graphic can then be re-applied to your instrument.

How do I properly remove the neck illusions graphic fingerboard protector?

Loosen or remove the strings on the instrument to expose the fingerboard. To prevent any scratches to the fingerboard, we recommend using the tip of a pointed wooden toothpick to get under the edge of the decal and begin to slowly lift it off.  Continue down the fingerboard until all of the decals are removed.  We strongly recommend a simple cleaning and conditioning of the fingerboard after you have removed the neck illusions decals.  See this

When removing the decals, I noticed grime sticking to the decals, is this normal?

This may occur on only some guitars, and there is nothing to worry about. On new guitars, fine particles of wood dust that were created during the manufacturing and sanding of the fingerboard became lodged into the wood grain of the fingerboard during the polishing and rubbing process, where they have remained.  On older guitars, accumulation of oils, dirt and grime get pushed into the wood grain over time. The low tack adhesive of the neck illusions decals are simply locking onto this packed in, but unattached material and lifting it out of the wood grain. The same thing occurs when a guitar luthier removes their low tack "painters tape" that they use to protect the fingerboard from damage when they are doing fret work.  By lifting this material out of the wood grain creates an added benefit of allowing fingerboard conditioning products to penetrate into the fingerboard more efficiently.

Can the neck illusions fingerboard protector be reused?

To maintain proper adhesion, neck illusions can be removed and re-used up to three times. Your results may vary.  If you ever want to remove your fingerboard protector from your guitar, you simply loosen or remove the strings, then peel away each decal using a toothpick or other similar item to get under the decal. IMPORTANT: Avoid touching the adhesive part of the decal with your  fingers.  The oils from your fingers will greatly reduce the adhesion quality of the decals. Return the decals to the original backing paper.  If you don't have the original backing paper, a good quality wax paper will do.  To help with the re-usability of the neck illusions fingerboard protector, we highly recommend that you clean your fingerboard thoroughly and let dry before applying the decals for the very first time.  This will remove any dirt and grime that would otherwise stick to the neck illusions fingerboard decal and prevent them from properly adhering.

How long do they last?

That all depends on three things.  How aggressive your playing style is • How much playing that you do  How acidic your fingers and hands are.   The first indications of wear should be a slightly noticeable wearing of the ink on the protector.  Working like a gauge, that indication lets you know that the protector is doing its job and should be replaced before the wood of the fingerboard begins to show through. Typically, they will begin to show signs of wear after 1000+/-  hours of playing.  (your results may vary)

How do I know that it will fit my instrument?

Because of the variations of manufactures, scale lengths, neck widths as well as fret widths a lot of time and effort went into developing a "one size fits all" product.  Using the latest digital cutting technology, what we ended up with is a product that should fit 99.9% of the standard guitars out there. 

 If you are still unsure, we have provided a printable template HERE to help show you how the neck illusions graphic fingerboard protector will fit onto the fingerboard of your guitar.


Can I have a custom image put onto a neck illusions fingerboard protector?

Yes you can! Click HERE for more information about custom designs.  You can DOWNLOAD a template (along with some basic instructions) that you can use in your image editing software to help you with the layout your design. This template is a JPG image of a fingerboard in actual size and it helps to adjust the placement of key areas of your images or text so they wont be cut off or obscured by the frets.  If you need us to design the artwork we would be happy to do so, but keep in mind there is fee of $29.00 for this service.


We hope our FAQ answered your questions.  If you have any additional ones, please feel free to contact us.


The neck illusions team