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I’m thrilled with the product As far as looks and application I couldn’t be happier! playability is nice it feels like a fresh oiled fretboard. Thanks again!

Brenton Vaughan - Union Rail Band

As much as I LOVE playing the JIVA, I still need another guitar for drop-D... that’s where Godzilla, my beautiful S6570Q comes in 💚 Godzilla came to me from my first ever clinic in Japan at Ikebe music.

The rad fretboard makeover is courtesy of the awesomeness that is Neck illusions... Jennifer Batten turned me on to this company a couple months ago and they are KILLER!!

Nita Strauss

Great product! Great quality! Durable, removable, re-usable! No glue residue! Does not affect the sustain nor the feel of the neck! Buy with confidence! Great service and fast delivery!

NECK ILLUSIONS you guys rock!!!

Stepĥane Desjardins from Canada

Pop Art

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