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Great product! Great quality! Durable, removable, re-usable! No glue residue! Does not affect the sustain nor the feel of the neck! Buy with confidence! Great service and fast delivery!

NECK ILLUSIONS you guys rock!!!

Stepĥane Desjardins from Canada

I got this Neck illusions graphic because it matches the color of my guitar and it totally changed the look of my guitar. looks badass! they play like there not even there ,no tone issues and you can not make a mistake putting them on. If you do just fix it.  Just the right amount of tackiness you can just reattach it.  simply perfection and I will be getting many more in the future. Thanks Neck Illusions

Brian Levesque from Wisconsin

I just put this Monarch, gloss finish, with green accents on my Schecter Hellraiser (Blackcherry finish). Quite easy to install. I only had to pick up and slightly re-position 2 of 25 inlays. It looks entirely natural, as though that is how the neck was originally made. It's quite stunning. I've only been playing on it for a few minutes so far, but so far so good. I was a little concerned if it would affect harmonic response, but it doesn't seem to at all. Very comfortable, smooth, slick, fast action. I have 17 guitars, and I will definitely order several more, different styles for a few of the other "members of the family".

KJM from Cleveland, OH