"CLASSIC One Size fits Most" Sizing Verification Templates" />

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"CLASSIC One Size fits Most" Sizing Verification Templates

Our "CLASSIC One Size Fits Most" neck illusions are now available in six different versions to allow for a better fit onto your guitar.  These different versions are designed to accommodate the different fret wire width on the instruments fingerboard.  Our "One Size Fits Most" neck illusions are now available for instruments with EXTRA NARROW fret wire (0.08"), NARROW fret wire (0.09"), MEDIUM fret wire  (0.10"), MEDIUM JUMBO fret wire (0.11"), JUMBO fret wire (0.12") and SUPER JUMBO fret wire (0.13").

We have created these sizing verification templates for you to download and use to check the fit on your instrument. We recommend using these sizing verification templates to see exactly how the "One Size Fits Most" neck illusions graphic fingerboard protector will fit your guitar.

Click the images below to download the 8.5" x 11" sizing verification templates in PDF format.   For our non-American customers: If you need any of these templates in A4 format, please let us know and we will be happy to email it to you.

We recommend saving the PDF file to your computer and then printing it directly from Adobe Acrobat. Some internet browsers will scale the image down if printed directly from the browser.

Also, please be sure that your printer scaling is off and the file will print to actual size.  The scale of the template printout can be verified by placing a ruler alongside the printed ruler as shown in Figure 3. The printed ruler should have printed EXACTLY to actual size.

How to use the sizing verification template in PDF format. 

This needs to be printed on two letter sized sheets of paper.  It is extremely important that these two sheets get printed to actual size.  You can verify that they were printed to actual size by placing a real ruler next to the printed ruler and the measurements lines should line up  EXACTLY.  (see the attached photo)

Once you have verified that the sheets were printed to actual size, you can cut the pieces out as close to the center of the black line as possible and then lay the pieces under the strings on the fingerboard of the instrument.  Keep in mind that the black lines represent exactly where the neck illusions decals pieces will be cut.  There should be a small gap between the edge of the finger board and the edge of the decals like what is shown on page one of the instructions. This gap is necessary for unobstructed playability and could look like a "binding" depending on the contrast of the existing fingerboard and the color of the decals.



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