Custom Sizing Verification Templates" />

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Custom Sizing Verification Templates

Custom "Sizing Verification Templates" are now available upon request.

We can now email you a printable "Sizing Verification Template" (in PDF format) BEFORE you place your order.

Using this template will allow you to check the fit and allow us to make any necessary changes to the sizing before you place your order.

In order for us to create the sizing template, you will need to provide all of the following measurements that are shown at the link below.

You can send us the measurements in inches or millimeters. We prefer millimeters because they are more accurate for these smaller dimensions. You can download our "Printable Millimeter Measuring Tool in PDF format" here:  Printable Millimeter Measuring Tool

Send the measurements to:

Once we create the sizing verification template, we will email it over to you with instructions. (This could take up to 24 hours)

Please email us with any questions.



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