Rachel G


Emerging from a small town in the Rio Grande Valley, Rachel Gonzales has made it to a bigger stage in her career. She is a musician that has been playing for 18 years and counting. Her main instrument, these days, is the Fender 4 string PJ Bass Guitar. Rachel has been a bass player for 13 years and has been playing in clubs in the “Music Capital of the World”, Austin, Texas for nearly all of those years.
Her girl power talent has wowed many people throughout the years and has a fan base that keeps wanting more. Rachel is going strong and will continue rocking stages all around the world. Rachel is passionate about all genres of music and has been a key contributing member in several bands. Her talents allow her to easily perform multiple genres which include Metal, Rock, Instrumental, Country and even Punk! Rachel joined an all girl Punk band called the Applicators in 2002 and caught the attention of lead vocalist, Dicky Barrett and renowned punk rock guitarist Greg Hetson (Circle Jerks, Bad Religion).  Who had produced the band's debut album "What's Your Excuse?"
Rachel has played around the U.S. in several different bands and is always ready for new challenges! As an active touring musician, Rachel has played to audiences up to 10,000 people. Rachel is currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada.



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