Phil Jakes


A lifelong rock guitarist, Phil rediscovered fingerstyle in the late 90’s. After playing over 500 band gigs in the previous three years, it seemed to be just what the doctored ordered. “I was certainly burnt out on the band dynamic and was totally psyched at the prospect of being a solo player”.

Drawing on the classical training he received as a child he jumped in with both feet. “It was pre-YouTube, I had no idea how or what anyone else was playing fingerstyle. I just started working out arrangements of songs from my favorite bands.” Most of Phil’s early uploads were Rush, UFO, Black Sabbath, and Pink Floyd. He eventually recorded a CD of his Sabbath arrangements, played a couple Sabbath conventions, and even received kudos from Geezer Butler and Tony Iommi for his solo interpretations of their songs.

In 2014 a friend asked Phil to play regularly at his local BBQ restaurant. Not long after the gig offers started rolling in. He’s now playing out well over 125 times a year in the southern New Hampshire area covering a wide variety of music.