New Gloss finish for Neck Illusions

We are now offering an optional gloss finish to all of our neck illusions!
This new micro thin gloss finish has several benefits over our original matte finish.
• It has the smooth lacquered feel of a maple fingerboard.
• It enhances the colors of the neck illusions giving it a more vibrant and richer look.
• It can be wiped clean using your favorite fingerboard cleaner.
• It gives the neck illusions a 8x longer life span than Matte by having an additional layer of protection.
• It possesses the same easy to apply and removal functionality as our original matte finish.
Matte Finish
• If you prefer the feel of a rosewood type fingerboard, we recommend our original matte finish.
• If you are using these for photos/videos we recommend the Matte due to lighting glare.