Dont like fret markers? No problem. Just request that we remove them in the notes section when placing your order.

Available in Gloss or Matte Finish

Find which Finish is right for you.


Gloss finish
  • Has the smooth lacquered feel of a maple fingerboard.
  • It enhances the colors of the neck illusions giving it a more vibrant and richer look.

  • It can be wiped clean using your favorite fingerboard cleaner.

  • It gives the neck illusions a 8x longer life span than Matte by having an additional layer of protection.

  • It is easier to apply than the matte finish.


Matte Finish
  • If you prefer the feel of a rosewood type fingerboard, we recommend our original matte finish.
  • If you are using these for photos/videos we recommend using the Matte finish due to the absence of lighting glare and reflections.
  • Keep in mind, he Matte finish will wear and fade quicker than the Gloss finish depending on your playing style.
  • The edges on the Matte finish can be prone to slight fraying due to the nature of the woven material.