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Rich Stevenson


Any Given Sin is a hard rock band based out of Southern Maryland whose members include Vic Ritchie (vocals) Mike Conner (guitar) Mike Showalter (drums) and Rich Stevenson (bass). Their style is not one that you can place into any one genre of rock. It is easy to hear how their diverse and exceptional sound has been inspired by so many different influences and directions which has led to the creation of their signature sound that has something for everyone.

No stranger to hard work, Any Given Sin has had the pleasure of working with some of the best artists in the music industry, on stage, in the studio as well as behind the scenes. They believe that hard work and sacrifices go hand in hand in the music industry and their live performances are where that is the most apparent. Any Given Sin holds you captive from the first note played to the last note of the last song. Their overwhelming passion on stage is felt throughout the show and the guys take pride in knowing that once you have seen them live, you will see what all of their hard work and sacrifices have accomplished.

Any Given Sin strives to give their fans nothing but the very best and they won't allow for anything less. Holding their fans in the highest of regards, Any Given Sin would like them to know that they are the reason why they are there.

Any Given Sin has released two Ep’s and is currently working on their first full length LP due for release in late 2017. The first EP titled “The Other Side” was released in 2013. The second EP titled “Forbidden” was released in 2015 and produced by John Moyer of Disturbed. John also joined in on co-writing the title track of the EP. Both EP’s have title video’s from each which can be viewed below.

That identity crystallizes on the 2021 single “The Way I Say Goodbye.” Tossing and turning between moments of melodic catharsis and thick distortion, vulnerable verses give way to an instantly chantable hook uplifted by soaring guitars as Vic 
sings, “Maybe it’s time to leave the past behind. This is the way I say goodbye.” 

“It’s one of those tunes where everything just fell into place in a short period,” the front man reveals. “We hope it brings encouragement to others as we all move forward through this crazy pandemic