John Dobbs



Born and raised in Chicago, Il. John Dobbs has been performing for 40 plus years at this point has NO signs of stopping. John has been playing locally and regionally since the early eighties. "I was raised and cut my teeth on the BRITISH wave of metal in the early 80”s, and have never looked back." Some of Johns major influences are Michael Schenker, UFO, Wolf Hoffman, ACCEPT, Dave Meniketti and Y&T just to name a few.

"My first real endeavor was a band called PARADOXX, whom to this date am still playing with. We played everywhere in the early to mid-eighties through the Midwest and beyond. We released a 4 song EP entitled PLAN OF ATTAK, which over the years has become quite infamous and sought after due to the rarity of the original vinyl. After some lineup changes etc, I went on to co found a band called RADAKKA. We were signed to CENTURY MEDIA records and had 2 releases…MALICE AND TRANQUILITY in 1995, and the follow up REQUIUM FOR THE INNOCENT in 1998. We had much success overseas, as the label was based in GERMANY."

Currently, John stays busy writing and recording new material for PARADOXX and will soon be recording again. "I am currently having a great time in a local cover band called COVER DOGS. Hope to be back at it soon with new original record, but for the time being just playing and enjoying it as much as possible."