Protect your guitar and give it a whole new personality!    
Our Neck illusions graphic fingerboard protectors are created using the highest of quality materials that are a non-permanent, non-intrusive add-on to the fingerboard of your guitar. They are easy to install, easy to remove and best of all, they won’t get in the way of your shredding!  Not only will neck illusions help protect your fingerboard from the natural acidic properties of your hands and fingers, as well as helping to maintain the proper moisture levels of your fingerboard, it will also give your instrument a fresh new look!
  •        Neck illusions Features:

    • WINNER OF SUMMER NAMM BEST IN SHOW - We impressed the judges and took home a Best in Show Award in the category of "Best add on Accessory".
    • OPTIONAL GLOSS FINISH - We have now an optional gloss finish for all of the Neck illusions.  Click HERE for more details!  Our Matte finish is still available as well.
      • ONE SIZE FITS  - Designed to fit standard electric and acoustic steel string guitars up to 24 frets (6 strings) from 24" to 25.625" scale lengths. Nut widths starting from 1.55" and wider. Other unique guitar configurations can be accommodated such as 7 string and 12 string guitars and different scale lengths.
      • AVAILABLE FOR MANY INSTRUMENTS - Our neck illusions are available  for Electric guitars ,classical guitars, bass guitars,  as well as custom sizes for other unique instruments & guitars.
      • HELPS TO MAINTAIN PROPER MOISTURE - Using our product on a properly conditioned fingerboard will help to maintain the proper moisture levels in the fingerboard. Proper levels of moisture are crucial in preventing the wood of the fingerboard from drying, cracking and shrinking.  A common example of fingerboard shrinkage can be felt and seen when the metal frets begin to protrude past the edge of the fingerboard which interferes with the comfortable play ability of the instrument. Our fingerboard protectors are designed to also help protect the fingerboard from higher levels of humidity which would also damage the fingerboard with excessive moisture. 
        • PROTECTS  - Our graphic fingerboard protectors will safely shield your fingerboard from the natural acidic properties of your fingers and hands as well as dirt, grime and friction. Over time, the combination of this acid and friction can develop into small divots that can hurt the value of your guitar. Click THIS LINK to see more info.
          • EASY TO INSTALL - Individual pieces make the installation super easy.  Loosen the strings enough to allow access to the fingerboard, peel each protector away from the backing paper, position them between the frets, re-tune and rock on!  Typically takes less than 20 minutes.
            • NON-PERMANENT - With it's extra light bonding agent, they can easily be removed from the instruments fingerboard without leaving any sticky residue.
              • ACOUSTICALLY TRANSPARENT - Neck illusions fingerboard graphics are proven to NOT affect the tone or sustain of the instrument!
                • RECORDING STUDIO APPROVED - Tested in a professional recording studio, our neck illusions were given a very enthusiastic "Thumbs Up!" on the sound quality on all of the instruments that had a neck illusions graphic fingerboard protector installed.
                  • STAYS IN PLACE - Designed to hold up to the most demanding licks, the protector won't  move, wrinkle or stretch!
                    • UNSURPASSED QUALITY - Our product is printed on our innovative, highest of quality material using the industries finest inks, these are NOT to be confused with cheap paper "stickers" or other inferior "PVC" decals that can damage a fingerboard.
                      • ULTRA THIN - Only 0.005 inches thick, (Matte) Only 0.007 inches thick, (gloss) they won't interfere with your playing ability!
                        • NEW LOOK AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE -
                        • CUSTOMIZING AVAILABLE  Have your very own custom design printed onto the neck illusions graphic fingerboard protector for a one-of-a-kind look!
                          • PROMOTE YOUR BAND A fantastic way to promote you or your bands name. Any photographs or video showing your name on your custom Neck illusions will tell the world who you are!
                          • U.S PATENT 9,799,308 and other Patents Pending


                            PLEASE NOTE: To keep your fingerboard healthy, it is required that every 12 months you remove the neck illusions fingerboard protector and re-condition the fingerboard per the manufactures recommendations. After re-conditioning the fingerboard, you can then re-apply the neck illusions fingerboard protector.  Click THIS LINK for more info.
                            Thanks for checking us out. 
                            The Neck illusions  team