Cutter Savage


Being a multi-instrumentalist, Cutter writes and performs all of his music himself, recording everything in his own studio, called the Wolf Den. While he loves to play the bass and keyboards, the guitar is his main instrument and the one through which he expresses himself the best. “I actually remember the first time I really noticed the electric guitar in a music store and I just knew I had to have one. It’s like it was calling my name. Add to that my love for Led Zeppelin and I was hooked."
On being a huge fan of the theatrics in rock and concept albums Cutter says: “The KISS album Destroyer changed my life. From the cover art to the music inside, it was everything I could hope for, and that continues to inspire the music and visuals that I create to this day.”
And there’s always a story component to everything he does.
“Edgar Winter’s Frankenstein is a great example. It’s a song where you can visualize the music and hearing it for the first time really affected me. It’s like the soundtrack to a movie and it takes your imagination on a wild ride.”
Today, Cutter divides his time between the Great Tundra Area, and his second home in Cincinnati, Ohio where he writes and records constantly in his Wolf Den Studio. On a moonlit night, if you turn to the North, and listen to the wind, sometimes you can hear him play. Check him out on social media for info on his music and his latest album: