Dean has been pounding away through the metal and punk scenes like a furious fire, determined to make himself known through his erratic stage presence, hard working nature, and the need to take over the world. After years of playing in the local music scene, Dean Eventually became a full fledged member of the onslaught that is Darkness Descends in Jan 2011.

He famously brought the band to new heights by introducing the 7 string sound, a sweet and sculpted guitar tone, and the coded rhythmic chant along side Drummer Zaki Ali, forever changing the direction of the band. This lead to the creation of an unstoppable musical force blazing through the world, leaving his mark.

You may have seen Dean from his music school Rockstar Now, or from his partnership at Redshift Recording, or maybe just from tearing up and touring the United States and Canada along side musicians such as (former WWE Champion) Enzo Amore(Guitar), Nita Strauss(bass), Prong(Guitar Tech), Static-X/Dope (Road Crew/Driver) Michale Graves(bass), Darkness Descends(guitar), Darrow Chemical Company(guitar), Alyxx(bass) and embarkingon his solo career named “Dean